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City of Laguna Niguel Celebrates the Grand Opening of the Tier 2 Parking Lot and Entry Project

Posted by Admin on 08/09 at 02:28 PM

Crown Valley Community Park

The City of Laguna Niguel celebrated the grand opening of the newly renovated Tier 2 Parking Lot and Entry at the Crown Valley Community Park.  The project consisted of renovating the main entry of the park over a small creek and the upper parking area along with other park amenities.  The project was the culmination of a one year project that was built by Los Angeles Engineering, Inc. to assist with entry and parking at the widely used community park.

Here you can see the new entry bridge that will stand up to large runs of storm water, along with the new parking area at the front of the park which was not there at the beginning of the project.  There are also new landscape modifications, drainage and new paved roads for entry into the back area of the park.

Alternate Angle of the New Entry Way at Crown Valley Community Park

Here you can see a different view of the modifications that were made at the front of the park along as well as the new paved entry roads and a more direct view of the new landscaping that was installed by Los Angeles Engineering, Inc.

Commemorative Plaque

The City of Laguna Niguel has also commemorized the installation of the new park infrastructure with a plaque that shows all the people and teams that were involved with implementing this major upgrade to the park facility.