About Us

The Beginning Years 1986-1991

Los Angeles Engineering, Inc. was founded in San Gabriel, California in 1986, focusing on grading, concrete and demolition work as a subcontractor.  While work was steady and Los Angeles Engineering, Inc. gained a good reputation as a solid subcontractor, the owner, Angus O’Brien had larger aspirations for the company.  A year after opening up shop, Los Angeles Engineering, Inc. officially incorporated, and established a bonding line, allowing the company to bid work as a general contractor.  At this time, profits for Los Angeles Engineering, Inc. were lean, but prudent management along with a team of dedicated workers, the company started to gain a solid foothold in the construction industry.    At the end of this period, the company grew to four million dollars in annual revenue, while moving into a new corporate headquarters in Baldwin Park, California.

Strong Growth and Prosperity

In 1992, Los Angeles Engineering, Inc. began to experience a cycle of growth from the size of the projects being built, as well as an increase in personnel.  Annual revenue exceeded seven million dollars a year. Due to this growth, the company relocated to larger office and yard facilities in Rosemead, California.   The company’s diversification philosophy facilitated new skill sets and expanded construction service capabilities including Landscape and Irrigation.

In 1997, Los Angeles Engineering, Inc. won its first multi-million dollar project, working on the Los Angeles River for the Army Corps of Engineers.  Under a strict and focused schedule, the company performed exemplary, receiving a vote of confidence from the Corps of Engineers.  With this project, revenues exceeded 11 million dollars, hitting a high mark for the company at the end of 2000. The company added experienced personnel to the core group during this period enhancing capture rate, organizational structure, and expanded project management capabilities.

Expansion of Capabilities

In 2001, Los Angeles Engineering, Inc. added Chief Estimator and General Superintendent Positions. To adapt to changing market conditions and maintain a competitive advantage, the company expanded their expertise beyond street and bridge work, into the realm of parks and sports complex work.  With this evolution in business, Los Angeles Engineering, Inc. experienced a surge in employee growth. The company’s reputation in the Parks and Sports Complex realm created many opportunities in Southern California.  Los Angeles Engineering, Inc. grew at a phenomenal rate in the early 2000’s, with company revenue exceeding 26 million dollars annually.
With company growth reaching all time highs, management put together the first Business Plan, which was formulated focusing on growth, goals, and accountability.

Into the Present and Looking towards the Future

Towards the end of the 2000-2009 decade Los Angeles Engineering, Inc. again reached new milestones with over 55 million dollars in annual revenue.  During this period the company added a dedicated IT staff member, an operations manager and a purchasing agent.  Los Angeles Engineering, inc. also focused on the use of technology to improve the bottom line. The company purchased in-house GPS grading survey equipment, laptops linked to the corporate office, and other state of the art technological tools and processes.

Company bonding resources also increased during this period, as Los Angeles Engineering, Inc. looked towards expanding the size and scope of projects bid in the future.  Adding to this scope was the implementation of a Building Division, and the added resource of a dedicated building superintendent.

Due to growth in personnel and a growing base of equipment, Los Angeles Engineering, Inc moved into a new base of operations in Covina, California.  The headquarters boasts over 100,000 square feet of usable space, and includes corporate offices, full service mechanics bay, warehouse facilities, and dispatch.

Adapting to market demands and client needs, the company continues to be a strong competitor in the regional market.  Looking to the future, the vision of the company continues to focus on diversification, accountability, training and growth in business opportunities.